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Prebiotik Musang King Ice cream 貓山王榴槤雪條

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Prebiotik Musang King Ice cream USD2.00/sticks MOQ 101760 Stick(96stck /carton,MOQ 40ft containers 1060 carton) USD203, 520. 00

Country of Origin: Malaysia

原產國: 馬來西亞

Storage : Keep Frozen Below -18ºC

保存方式: 冷凍於 -18 ºC

Net Weight: 75g

淨含量 :75克

N Fruits Musang King Durian Ice Cream is a natural and healthy dessert which is made with high-quality Musang King durian pulp that is harvested from Nictron Agriculture Sdn. Bhd. orchard, combine with pure milk powder imported from New Zealand. Each ice cream contains 54% of pure Musang King durian puree which allows the consumers to taste the unforgettable authentic flavor of Musang King durian.

The following additives are not added to N Fruits Musang King Durian Ice Cream :

No preservatives, no artificial colorings, no artificial fragrances, no artificial sweeteners, no stabilizers, no raising agents (E500, E503), no emulsifier, no acidity regulator (E330), no palm olein, no maltodextrin, no dicalcium phosphate, no disodium phosphate, no hydrogenated palm, no ferric pyrophosphate. 

N Fruits 貓山王榴槤雪條是採集了聯業農業有限公司自家果園的優質貓山王榴槤果肉與來自新西蘭純脂奶粉結合而成的天然健康食品。每支雪條裡含有54%純貓山王榴槤果肉,保證能讓消費者真正地品嚐到貓山王榴槤果肉的精粹及口齒留香的美味。

N Fruits 貓山王榴槤雪條裡零添加以下添加劑:

無防腐劑,無人造色素,無人造香精,無糖精,無穩定劑,無發泡劑(E500,E503),無乳化劑,無酸度調節劑(E330), 無棕櫚油精,無麥芽糊精,無磷酸二鈣, 無磷酸二鈉, 無氫化棕櫚, 無焦磷酸鐵 。