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Black Thorn Frozen Durian Pulp

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400gm Black thorn frozen durian pulp USD22 /box MOQ  25440box(1060 cartons 24box/carton MOQ 40flt contained USD 559,680.00

N Fruits Frozen Durian Pulp collects high-quality durians from Nictron Agricultural Group own orchard. After strict quality control in the dust-free process room, the finest durian pulp is selected, And using the latest liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology for quick freezing can more effectively lock the natural fragrance, moisture, and quality of durian. So that consumers can enjoy fresh durians delivered directly from the orchard all year round. 

The following additives are not added to N Fruits Frozen Durian Pulp:

No preservatives, no artificial colorings, no artificial fragrances.

Defrost method: 

(1) Room temperature natural defrost method:

Take the frozen durian pulp out from the freezer (-18°C) and rest it under room temperature (28°C-32°C) for 15 minutes. Then, it is ready to be served.

N Fruits 冷冻榴莲果肉採集了联业农业集团自家果园的优质榴莲,经过无尘车间严格的品质管控筛选上等的榴莲果肉,且采用了最新液氮速冻技术进行速冻能更有效地锁住榴莲的天然香味,水份,和品质。消费者可常年享受到原味的榴莲果肉。

N Fruits 冷冻榴莲果肉里零添加以下添加剂:



(1) 常温自然解冻法: